There are a number of signs your home may give you that hint you need to reflash the chimney. Signs of water damage on the walls or ceiling is one of the first ways that many property owners see there is a potential problem and even then, one of the first things that gets blamed is the roof and people look at the shingles. The flashing is the area of the roof where the chimney connects and stops moisture from entering and it is often the actual issue.

Over time, the flashing around the chimney will give out. With regular maintenance, you can extend the service life, but this is one area of your roof that should get inspections after storms, and at least three to four times a year to ensure if there is an issue you catch it early. Failure to notice your flashing has damage can cause extensive water damage which is expensive to remediate and can lead to secondary issues such as mold infestations in your attic or within the wall cavities. If you are not comfortable inspecting your chimney on your own, call in a professional service. 

The majority of flashing is made from steel, however there are a diverse array of flashing types including step flashing, apron flashing, and counter flashing. A Noble Sweep can reflash a chimney or perform repairs as needed. Our staff can clean and maintain your chimney and fireplace. We also have freestanding stoves, gas stoves, fireplace inserts, and chimney caps for sale. Contact us today at (504) 688 – 4509 for all your chimney needs.