dryer vent cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning in New Orleans gets often overlooked by many residents but are you really aware of the potential risks this bad practice may represent? Actually, not only creosote build-up in chimneys is a major cause of home fires, but also lint build-up in dryer vents can be a fire hazard.

Other big reasons why home fires are common issues in the US are dirty dryer vents due to clogged ducts. Dryer vent cleaning is highly beneficial for everybody. At A Noble Sweep, we take dryer vent cleaning seriously, here are the reasons why dryer vent cleaning is crucial: 

Prevent Fires 

According to the National Fire Protection Association, annually near 170,000 dryer vent fires are reported causing several deaths and injuries, as well as thousands of dollars in property loss. Dryer vent cleaning shouldn’t be taken rashly, it should be considered as important as chimney cleaning in order to prevent disasters and hazardous situations in your property. Not cleaning your dryer vent may represent a risk of potential house fires.  

Save Time & Money

Besides causing hazardous situations in your property, dirty dryer vents also increase your energy consumption. When your dryer vent is working harder and taking so long to dry a load of clothes are clear signs that something isn’t working properly. Dryer vent cleaning will dry faster your clothes and simultaneously lower your energy bill.  

How Often You Should Get Your Dryer Vent Cleaned

It’s recommended by specialists that dryer vents should be cleaned at least once a year, but it all depends on many factors such as:

  • The size of your family and how often your dryer vent is used, the more loads you dry, the more often your dryer vent needs to be cleaned. 
  • If you have pets, pet hair causes the duct of your dryer vent to get clogged more quickly than pet-free homes.

As you can see, these are the reasons why dryer vent cleaning is critical, it represents money and time saving but safety too.  If you consider your dryer vent needs to be cleaned, please don’t hesitate to call A Noble Sweep to get a free quote for dryer vent cleaning services.