chimney sweep new orleans

A routine chimney sweep has numerous benefits. For one, it provides safety and excellent health for you and your family. Annual maintenance is key to preventing fire risks and toxic fumes from causing havoc in your home. If you are in New Orleans and its environs, our chimney sweeps New Orleans service is all you need to help keep your chimney continuously pristine and efficient. Here is why an annual inspection and sweep is necessary.

1. Professional Chimney Sweep New Orleans Service Helps Prevent Fire Hazards
Woodfire usage deposits creosote along the chimney lining. Highly flammable and toxic residues can continue to build up over time, needing professional removal. Left unattended can lead to hot embers accidentally coming into contact with the creosote to ignite a fierce fire. To prevent this, have the chimney sweep New Orleans cleaning team investigate and clean the dangerous residues.

2. Sweeping Expert Service Eliminates Toxic Fumes in the Chimney
It can be hard to determine the level of carbon monoxide fumes in your home due to creosote buildup. Rooting twigs and dirt can make the situation worse. The situation requires a professional chimney sweeper to help release fumes and their byproducts for a safe living environment.

3. Qualified Chimney Sweep Services Offered in New Orleans to Improve Heating Efficiency
Annual chimney sweeps enable a robust and efficient wood burning that doesn’t go off quickly. The oxygen reaches the burning wood fast, helping to circulate warmth throughout the room.

4. Routine Chimney Sweep Cuts Down on Future Inspection Costs
A clean and efficient working chimney will not require you to call maintenance and repair service every other time. On the contrary, a heavy creosote and soot deposit can make it harder for service providers to reach the damper and smoke shelf while sweeping. It can also be hard to quickly diagnose any hidden problems within the chimney.

Expert chimney cleaning can help you avoid multiple safety and health issues in your home. Please contact our chimney sweep New Orleans team to schedule an inspection and chimney sweep.