Chimney Repair

At A Noble Sweep, we offer a variety of chimney repairs to improve your chimney efficiency and performance. Our chimney repair services can help you prevent chimney leaks and water penetration into your home, chimney damage and energy waste. We offer the following chimney repairs in the Greater New Orleans area:

Chimney Repair

Spot Cutting

Chimney spot cutting is used to repair minor brick damage to your chimney. Spot cutting involves replacing cracked bricks rather than replacing the entire structure.


Rebuilding is reserved for chimneys with severe damage that can’t be repaired with spot cutting. Your chimney could need rebuilding after:

  • Water penetration
  • Settling foundation
  • Lightning strikes


Masonry repairs are required to fix cracks and wall deterioration in your chimney. Because your chimney masonry is constantly exposed to wind, snow, ice and rain at the same time it is exposed to hot gases from your fireplace, it constantly expands and contracts—creating cracks and deterioration. Our masonry work fixes cracks in the mortar, waterproofing caps and crowns.


Lining your chimney protects your home and your family from combustion byproducts. A Noble Sweep Chimney Services offers flue lining and relining services, along with flue liner repair, removal and replacement services.

Flashing & Reflashing

Chimney leaks frequently occur where the chimney meets the roof shingles. The metal that joins the roof to the chimney is called the flashing. The parts that are on the roof are called the step flashing, back pan and the apron flashing. The metal that goes into or on the chimney is called the counter flashing. If you have water staining on your ceiling near your chimney or even running down the walls, it’s possible that your chimney needs re-flashing. Contact A Noble Sweep Chimney Services if you need flashing or re-flashing chimney repairs in the Greater New Orleans area.

Chimney Waterproofing

At A Noble Sweep Chimney Services, our waterproofing chimney services protect your chimney from water damage and staining. Your chimney is constantly exposed to outdoor elements, so using a water repellent is vital to prevent more expensive masonry reconstruction and repairs and to keep water out of your house.

If you need chimney repairs in the Greater New Orleans area, contact A Noble Sweep Chimney Services. Our goal is to make your chimney cleaner, safer and more energy-efficient.

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