Graffiti Removal

Dry Ice Blasting is demonstrated to be preferred over sand blasting for removing graffiti. Whether the graffiti is on cement, brick, asphalt, metal, stone, wood, or any hard surface. One of the best ways to keep graffiti from your property is to remove it as soon as it appears. It discourages people from defacing your property and they move on. Dry Ice (or other media) is safe for all surfaces and OSHA-Recommended. It is Environmentally Friendly and easy to clean up. The benefits of Dustless Blasting for homeowners, municipalities, and business owners make it the easy, obvious choice over sand blasting.

If you are looking for a ‘graffiti removal company near me’ look no further. Our crew of friendly, reliable technicians will be dispatched quickly to remove the graffiti that is defacing your property, enhancing the look and restoring property value.

Dry Ice Blasting is OSHA-Recommended because it is clean and safe for the environment. The process cleans up in minutes which saves you time and money.

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