Food Processing Equipment Cleaning

Dustless or Dry Ice Blasting is the OSHA Compliant system for cleaning food processing equipment. It is environmentally safe and does not release harmful chemicals and dust into the environment. It is great for removing mold, food and other organic materials that can lead to mold or more. Because it safe, you can continue to work in the area being cleaned. Whether you are own food processing equipment, prepare food, or food processing dustless or dry ice blasting is the safe, preferred method for cleaning.

Benefits of dustless or dry ice blasting for food processing include:

  • Environmentally friendly and OSHA compliant – leaves no hazardous dust or chemicals and easy to contain and clean up.
  • All types of surfaces and jobs – our equipment is portable so we come to your place of business and can safely clean all types of surfaces and equipment
  • Reasonably Priced our process saves time and thereby saves you money. Our process is safe for all types of equipment and preserves the useful life of your food equipment.

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