smoking chimney

Keeping your chimney in good shape is important if you are going to use your fireplace. Water damage and leaks can do a lot of structural damage. Water is caustic and can cause deterioration to a roof and chimney. A Noble Sweep offers chimney inspections that can find issues and deal with chimney repair in New Orleans. Mitigating the damage while it is minor can prevent more expensive problems from occurring down the road.

Minor Damage is Easily Repaired

Spot cutting is a technique we use to repair minor damage. If there are bricks around your chimney that are not severely damaged, we can remove and replace them.

Rebuilding May Be Necessary if the Damage is Severe

If the problem is extensive, we may need to rebuild the chimney structure. This can happen due to lightning, ongoing water damage, and foundation settling.

The Flashing May Be a Problem

Flashing tends to be a problem on many roofs. Water loves to seep where the roof and the flashing meet. If you have water stains, this could be why.

Schedule Your Inspection Now

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