Chimney Repairs

The Pandemic and an uncertain economic future have forced many consumers to find ways to save money. Doing it yourself has become a common solution. Easier DIY projects taken on during the Pandemic were more successful while those that involved repairing work were not, mainly because the overhauls that were attempted required expert knowledge and craftsmanship to complete correctly. For those reasons, chimney repair LA is not a DIY project.

Attempting to repair your chimney yourself can be unsuccessful and even disastrous. These are some of the reasons why it should be left to trained professionals.

    1. Chimneys are complicated –they contain two flues, one for the fireplace and one for the central heating system. The flues create draughts which allow gases and smoke to escape while feeding oxygen to the fire or aiding in the combustion process of the HVAC unit. It’s not possible to repair a flue without knowing how to make it work.
    2. Chimneys can be difficult or dangerous to get to – repairing a chimney on a roof requires special equipment and expert techniques in order to do it safely.
    3. There are different types of creosote–first-degree creosote is easily seen and requires the least amount of effort to remove. Second-degree and third-degree creosote require the services of a chimney repair company. Second-degree creosote has begun to restrict the flow of air and third-degree creosote has hardened and is very difficult to remove completely.
    4. Household creosote cleaners aren’t strong enough to remove second and third-degree creosote.
    5. Improper cleaning and repair techniques can make cracks worsen and cause more damage in the long run.
    6. Professional cleaning also includes safety inspections –problems can be identified and fixed before they jeopardize the safety of your family or your home.

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