gas log fireplace

Whether you have a gas or wood fireplace, fireplace insert repair may be an eventual need for your property. A Noble Sweep offers premier installation and repair services to prevent malfunctions, creosote buildup, and chimney damage that can affect the comfort of one of the coziest areas of your home during the winter months.

What is a fireplace insert?

A fireplace insert is a steel or cast iron insert designed to fit into masonry fireplaces to provide a more energy-efficient alternative to a traditional fireplace. The fuel can be wood or gas. Fireplace inserts are particularly appealing because of their compact size, ease of care, and utility. The metal construction prevents heat loss that can come from a traditional fireplace.

Why are fireplace inserts more efficient than traditional fireplaces?

Fireplaces tend to take warm air out of the room and pull it toward the fire itself. That heat energy is then dispersed in the chimney and surrounding materials. Colder temperatures mean that fireplaces use even more energy than they create. According to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association, older fireplaces have an efficiency rating of only five to 10 percent.

How do fireplace inserts work?

The insert itself is a fireproof box with insulated glass in the front. The cast iron or steel used for the box traps heat and keeps it from dispersing in the chimney. Depending on the model you use, your fireplace insert may also have a blower for pushing hot air back into the room.

Typical power sources include:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Wood
  • Propane
  • Coal
  • Pellets

Of these, electric, gas, and propane are among the most time-saving for homeowners. Wood fireplace inserts, meanwhile, still require paper and properly-seasoned wood as they would in a traditional fireplace.

Whether you’re looking for fireplace insert repair or installation, A Noble Sweep Chimney Services is ready to help you. Call (504) 570-0200 or email our team at mail@ to get started.