dustless blasting your boat

If you have surfaces that need to be cleaned by blast cleaning, you can choose traditional sandblasting. The downside of sandblasting is that it is messy, expensive, and hazardous to people and the environment. The answer is dustless blasting. A Noble Sweep provides dustless blasting that is perfect for those who own boats or marine equipment.

Marine Paint Removal

If your boat is in dry dock and you are ready to have it spruced up, give A Noble Sweep a call. We use a dustless blasting process that not only removes old paint, marine growth, and more. And it is safe for the environment. Your boat or marine equipment will look practically brand new when we are finished.
A Process That Is Safe for Many Surfaces

Our OSHA compliant dustless blasting is safe for:

• Wood
• Steel
• Aluminum
• Fiberglass

It will not damage the surface or the substrate.

Remove Graffiti & More

Dustless blasting is also fantastic for removing graffiti from surfaces. We can do line stripe removal and food processing equipment cleaning. The residue is easily contained, and the process is affordable.

For dustless blasting, chimney liner installation, and all your fireplace and chimney needs, contact A Noble Sweep at (504) 688-4543.