Cleaning Food Processing Equipment

Cleaning Food Processing Equipment

Sanitation is essential in the preparation of foods and the maintenance of utensils, cookware, and food processing equipment. The use of dry ice blasting for cleaning food processing equipment has been approved by the USDA, the FDA, and the EPA because it doesn’t use chemicals or strippers of any kind. In fact, the Food Standards Agency has documented that the non-toxic process of dry blasting also decontaminates all the surfaces of food processing equipment from food borne illnesses including E. Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella.

Dry ice blasting can be used on many different surfaces and pieces of industrial food processing equipment including:

  • air conveyor systems and conveyor belts,/li>
  • mixers and conveyers,
  • coffee roasting equipment,
  • labelers,
  • bottle fillers,
  • wafer oven plates,
  • packaging adhesives,
  • industrial ovens.

The safety of dry ice blasting provides many benefits specifically for the use of food processing equipment and the surrounding areas.

  1. There is no downtime – since dry ice evaporates instantly, the continual operation of equipment is possible. The process can be done while the equipment is still warm.
  2. No waste material is produced so there is very little or no clean up needed.
  3. Eco-friendly dry ice blasting materials are much safer to use than chemical solvents and can be used on surfaces that come into direct contact with food products.

Dry ice blasting equipment is portable and self-contained. The process works by propelling dry ice pellets that are about the size of a grain of rice through a flexible hose at high velocity. The technique is similar to that of sandblasting but won’t cause the damage that sandblasting can. When the dry ice pellets hit the surface to be cleaned, the temperature of the surface and the contaminants drops so that the contaminants freeze and break up. The force of the pellets then strips the pollutants away to reveal a clean dry surface. All that remains of them is a light residue that can easily be wiped, rinsed, or vacuumed away.

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