Complete Chimney Repair

As the weather gets chilly and you begin to imagine wonderful winter nights by the chimney, you might face a hiccup: your chimney needs repair. Who do you call?  Call A Noble Sweep. We are a company you can trust as the foremost certified professionals to ensure your chimney repair is safe and serviceable in no time.

While there are many DIY-friendly projects in your home, please note that chimney repair is not one of them! Contact a fireplace expert for your chimney repair needs

We provide full-service repairs including:

Spot Cutting
Think of spot cutting as a way to fix specific areas instead of rebuilding the entire structure. Our team of experts will repair the bricks and prevent damage from evolving.

If there is no way to salvage the existing chimney due to water damage, lighting strikes, or water penetration, we can help you build a durable new structure.

Your chimney’s masonry is constantly exposed to the elements. As temperatures change, it constantly expands and contracts which will inevitably lead to cracks and damage. Our masonry professionals will help restore its strength.

Lining helps protect your family from by-products of using the chimney. We can help refresh this protective coat to keep everyone safe.

Flashing and reflashing
The metal that joins your chimney to the roof is called the flashing. If not properly sealed, it can cause leaks which can damage your roof.

This is one of the simplest ways to avoid any of the previous issues. A properly weather proofed chimney will be safer and more durable.

Don’t worry if this all sounds overwhelming, we are here to help! Contact us via this form and we will provide you with a free consultation. Message us now for more information and chimney repair scheduling.