With all the chilly weather we have been having, fireplaces have been lit a lot. But we have also been getting a lot of snow and rain, leading to problems if your chimney cap isn’t in good shape. A Noble Sweep provides chimney cap installation and can repair any problems you might have.

The Lowly Chimney Cap
The chimney cap is often overlooked when it comes to fireplace maintenance. If you have an older home, you may not even have one. If you are having problems getting your fires to light, drafts, chimney leaks, or smoke, you might have a chimney cap that needs to be repaired. The chimney cap has many jobs, including:

  • Directing wind away from the flue
  • Keeps animals out of the chimney
  • Keeps moisture from entering into the system

Preventing Water Damage
When moisture gets into the chimney, it can cause extensive damage. You may see rust and deterioration to the chimney and fireplace. It can end up leaking into structural elements. Water is corrosive, and over time eats away at surfaces. That is why we supply chimney covers to stop rain.

For professional chimney cap installation, give us a call. We can clean and repair your fireplace too.