Essential Gas Fireplace Logs

A common feature in most homes right now is the gas fireplace. Yet, most homeowners never think of servicing until something goes wrong.

Technically, gas fireplace logs come built with an oxygen depletion sensor. And because they monitor the overall safety of the appliance, they must be kept in top-notch condition.

An annual investigation and cleaning ensure the logs are not overly sensitive, leading to the entire malfunction of the gas fireplace. Our gas fireplace logs New Orleans technicians often come in handy not just during installation but for maintenance services. We ensure the appliance works consistently without any breakdowns.

What Does a Gas Fireplace Logs New Orleans Maintenance Team Do?

An annual gas fireplace inspection is necessary for it to work without any shutdowns. A professional technician thoroughly checks the appliance for any signs of damage.

Scratches and cracks are the main culprits that cause log malfunction. For any damage, you may need to replace it. Other than that, annual cleaning keeps the logs working safely and efficiently.

You can also DIY to keep your gas fireplace logs in perfect condition before the annual inspection. Here are the basic steps:

Step 1.: Turn off the Pilot Light to Cool

A few hours are enough to ensure the logs are cool and ready for removal. If you are unsure of this initial yet crucial process, call in our gas fireplace logs New Orleans technicians to help you turn the pilot light off. We will also guide you on how to turn it on safely.

Step 2: Carefully Clean the Fireplace Gas Logs

The log cleaning process, although delicate, is relatively straightforward. A soft, damp cloth is perfect for wiping off the soot and dust. Clean the logs carefully to avoid scratches, or else they won’t work. Liquid gas fireplace log cleaners do an excellent job. Never use household cleaning agents because they can leave harmful residues which can damage the logs.

Step 3: Clean and Vacuum the Fireplace

You can meticulously vacuum the soot and dust around the gas fireplace with the logs out. Also, clean the burner and the ignition so that you begin a new plate of cleanliness.


DIY maintenance can help keep your gas fireplace logs working. However, you also need a professional technician to diagnose issues not seen by the naked eye and advise you accordingly.

Please get in touch with our gas fireplace logs New Orleans maintenance team for more information regarding gas fireplace logs servicing.