Fireplace Inserts Are Cozy & Efficient

Fireplace inserts are a wonderful thing. You can purchase ones that are either gas or electric. If you are not familiar with them, they are made from steel or cast iron. They are made to fit inside masonry fireplaces. Folks that have love them as they are more energy efficient than a traditional fireplace. Fireplace inserts use gas wood, propane, coal or pellets as a fuel source. Like anything else there may be times you need a fireplace repair company.

Benefits of Fireplaces Inserts

One of the reasons they are so appealing is their compact size. Fireplace inserts are easy to take care of and don’t require the upkeep of a regular fireplace. There is less heat loss which makes them more efficient. Here is why:

  • Traditional fireplaces pull warm air from the atmosphere toward the fire.
  • This heat is then dispersed into the walls of the fireplace and the chimney.
  • Because of this, cold temperatures can make a fireplace use more energy than it creates.
  • A fireplace insert traps heat and prevents it from going up the chimney.
  • Many models have a blower to push heat back into the room.

A Noble Sweep can provide fireplace insert replacement if yours is getting older, or has a problem. Or we can install a brand new one for you.  Call (504) 294-3543 or email our team at mail@ to get started.