fireplace maintenance

Nothing malfunctions when it is convenient for us including our fireplaces. Whether you use your fireplace seasonally or year-round, you expect it to fill your house with warm air while pulling the smoke up and out of your home through the flue. If that isn’t happening safely, your home and family can be put at risk for fires, broken or collapsing chimneys, breathing difficulties, smoke damage, moisture damage, and other serious problems.
The warning signs that your fireplace needs repairs are easy to recognize and include:

  1. The odor of gas –for a gas fireplace, this is an indicator of a leak. Gas leaking inside your home is extremely hazardous. If you smell gas, call your energy provider or the fire department immediately.
  2. Shaling –if you see bits of tiles or brick that have fallen down through the chimney and into the bottom of the fireplace, that’s called shaling. It means that the chimney liner has been damaged or has eroded.
  3. The presence of chalk-like power on the masonry – excess moisture pushes the salt out of the bricks to cause the white stains. This means that there is a moisture leak somewhere.
  4. Smoke inside your house –this happens when the chimney is clogged and isn’t allowing the simultaneous escape of smoke out and the drawing of fresh oxygen in. The chimney may need to be cleaned or the flue may be the wrong size and need to be replaced.
  5. Cracks in the brickwork –there may be problems with the internal workings of your fireplace if you are finding cracks in the brick façade.
  6. The presence of rust –rust on the damper or in the firebox also points to a moisture issue.
  7. Damaged wallpaper – warping or damage to wallpaper that is adjacent to a fireplace can also indicate a moisture problem.

The best way to keep your fireplace functioning properly and ready when you need it is to schedule regular fireplace maintenance and repairs. By allowing professional technicians to clean and inspect your fireplace and chimney, you give them the opportunity to notice any changes and to make repairs before your fireplace poses any dangers to you, your family, or your home.
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