Chimney Inspection

The fireplace in your residential or commercial property is an investment in both comfort and aesthetics. The visual appeal can’t be beaten, and with regular maintenance, you can avoid costly fireplace repair services. However, there are things you cannot place for, such as structural damage from water, wear, and accidents. 

One of the main signs that your fireplace may be in need of repairs, is if you notice your fireplace is taking longer than usual to warm up your place. 

The build-up of creosote can be both a fire hazard as well as diminish the ability of your fireplace to work properly. When your fireplace runs efficiently, it saves you money too. 

No matter if you have a wood or gas burning fireplace. Besides keeping your heating system running smoothly, you can also reduce the chances of a fire in your home or property. Our team can give you a free estimate if you suspect your fireplace is in the need of maintenance cleaning or repair. Our trained professionals can identify potentially harmful issues such as gas leaks or improper ventilation. 

A Noble Sweep has fireplace repair services and can clean and maintain your chimney and fireplace. We also have freestanding stoves, gas stoves, fireplace inserts, and chimney caps for sale. Contact us today at (504) 688 – 4509 for all your chimney needs