Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are great choices for people who want the ambience, warmth, and tranquility that fireplaces offer without the burden of keeping a ready supply of dry wood or cleaning up messy ashes. They are better for the environment because they don’t produce smoke and safer for homes because they don’t leave flammablesoot and creosote layers in chimneys, but gas fireplaces still require maintenance. Since that involves controlling a supply of natural gas, the safest option is to contact a gas fireplace contractor to complete all maintenance and repairs.

Here are the steps that a qualified technician will take to inspect and service your gas fireplace.

  1. Check the interior for proper mounting and the presence of cracks or gaps in the framework.
  2. Inspect the glass – the glass should have gasket seals that need to be checked to ensure that they are airtight. If they have worked loose, a technician can apply gasket cement or silicone caulk to reestablish the seal, but if that won’t work, then the glass will have to be replaced. Cracked or broken glass should also be replaced.
  3. Examine the logs – made of ceramic or cement, the logs can lose their color or deteriorate over time. They can be switched out for new ones without the need to replace the entire fireplace unit.
  4. Test the gas ignition – the technician can be certain that the ignition is working properly and look for any signs of gas leaks inside the unit.
  5. Clean the inside of the unit –insects, pet hair, dust, and other airborne debris can still accumulate inside the fireplace and will need to be vacuumed out.
  6. Scrutinize the chimney – condensation is the biggest problem with gas fireplaces and can cause rapid deterioration. The technician will inspect all parts of the chimney to be sure that it is safe to use and structurally sound.

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