gas fireplace

When you’re planning to install a new fireplace in your property, there are few things you need to be aware of before taking a decision. 

There are plenty of great advantages related to having a fireplace in your home or working place. The good news of having a fireplace as part of the most important appliances in any property starts in the comfort and convenience that provides in the burning season. 

No other heating appliance provides the kind of comfort and cozy warmth as a fireplace do. From a fireplace you can have a cheerful place to gather with your family and friends during the coolest season in the year.

Few features in your home provide the comfort and convenience that a fireplace offers, so it’s crucial choosing the right fireplace for your property to fit your unique needs. Here, at A Noble Sweep Chimney Services, we mention the difference between a gas fireplace and a wood burning fireplace in order to help you pick the perfect for you. You may be wondering which fireplace is best for you. 


Having a gas fireplace is convenient if you’re looking to save money. A gas fireplace requires less surrounding structure than a wood burning fireplace and adds a considerable resale value to your property. 


The gas emits less soot and other particles than wood burning. A wood burning fireplace requires to be cleaned at least once per year, instead of a gas fireplace. 

Easy to Use

Also, gas fireplaces are easy to operate. They can be turned on and turned off very easily. 

Gas fireplaces are a very comfortable heat source in residential and commercial properties. One of the most satisfying parts of gas fireplaces or stove is the comfort and sense of a warmth and cozy environment. 

If you were looking to install a new fireplace in your home and you’ve decided on a gas fireplace, we make sure it’s a well-worth it investment. 

With a gas fireplace you’ll get more and continuous heat.

A gas fireplace is highly appealing to homeowners as well as business owners when it comes to saving energy costs. But, gas fireplaces advantages go beyond cost effectiveness. A gas fireplace can also benefit your lifestyle and pocket by saving time and money in cleaning routines. 

Gas fireplaces like any other appliance in your property, require maintenance routines. We know gas fireplaces provide a sense of complete benefits. 

Fireplaces are, by nature, not very efficient. They pull warm air out of the room and into the fire. A lot of that energy (heat) is lost up the chimney and through the material that surrounds it. When temperatures drop below freezing, a fireplace exhausts more energy than it creates.  

Fireplace inserts are specifically designed to increase the fireplace efficiency. It’s specifically designed to improve the performance of a fireplace. Back in the years when fireplace inserts were first installed, used to have a bad reputation of being inefficient, unsafety and really expensive to maintain.