removing graffiti

You come in to open up the shop one day, only to discover someone has vandalized the building. There is graffiti all over the walls, and it looks nasty. The same thing can happen to a home. The worst thing you can do is leave it up for any length of time. That only encourages others to come and do the same thing. Scrubbing it off yourself could take hours or days if you can even get it to come off. A Noble Sweep has the answer you need. Our dustless blasting does a fantastic job of graffiti removal.

The Answer to Graffiti is Dry Ice Blasting

Sandblasting works in some situations but can be very abrasive. Dry ice blasting is the perfect solution, when you have graffiti, you need to be gone. It works great on:

·Any hard surface

Environmentally Friendly

This is the other great thing about dry ice blasting. It is easy on the environment and easy to clean up. In fact, our dustless blasting only takes minutes to clean up. Don’t let your property stay defaced. Contact A Noble Sweep at (504) 688-4543 today. We can have your property cleaned up in no time. Graffiti removal is just one of the things we specialize in.