keep your chimney safe

There is nothing better on a cold, wintry night than a roaring fire. If you have a fireplace, you know what a wonderful thing it is. If you own a fireplace, you also have a chimney. In order to reap the benefits of a crackling fire, your chimney needs to be in great shape. There are several factors involved in making sure your chimney is safe, and one of them is a chimney cap. Chimney caps keep out debris, rain, and animals. A Noble Sweep provides chimney cap installation that helps protect your chimney.

Protective Covering

A chimney cap is a covering made of steel or copper mesh that goes over the top of your chimney. Not only does it help protect your chimney from the things we mentioned above but from downdrafts too. While they keep things from getting in, they also allow things to go out that need to, such as heat, creosote, and other harmful things. You can get a chimney cap with a spark arrestor that catches sparks from your fireplace and prevents them from causing damage.

Professional Installation & Replacement

To replace a chimney cap or if you need chimney cap installation , call us at (504) 370-9157. We know chimneys and fireplaces. We can make sure your fireplace is safe year round.