The flashing on your roof protects your home from water damage. Over time, even with regular maintenance, the flashing can get worn from the elements and sometimes damaged from animals such as squirrels or raccoons, and you will need to reflash the chimney.

One of the first signs your home will show you that your flashing is in need of repairs will be water spots appearing on your ceiling. Paint bubbles where the water collects inside the paint and forms bubbles or seeing water inside light fixtures are all ways that water coming in from around your chimney can present itself in your home.

The corners of your flashing are particularly susceptible to wear and specialty roofing can cause the metal to bend improperly or be cut on the corners. Even a small hole can cause problems that allow water inside the home. We can work with any type of flashing including step flashing, apron flashing, and counter flashing.

When you get your flashing repaired or reflash the chimney, it is a good idea to also get your chimney professionally cleaned. Our staff can clean and maintain your chimney and fireplace. Contact us today at (504) 688 – 4509 for all your reflashing chimney needs.