Schedule Your Gas Fireplace Cleaning

Those who have fireplaces love them and tend to use them throughout the year. Maintaining your fireplace is just as important as it is to keep up with anything else in your home. You should know when it needs to be cleaned and inspected. Not only does this extend the life of your glass fireplace, but it ensures you and your family are safe as well. A good gas fireplace cleaning can help too.

Wood Fireplace vs Gas Fireplace

Some love their wood fireplaces, and they wouldn’t trade them for a gas one for any reason. Both have their pros and cons, but there are some reasons to opt for a gas fireplace. Here are some differences between the two:

  • Wood fireplaces require more upkeep
  • With gas, there are no ashes, soot, or debris to cleanup
  • No getting dirty and messing from cleaning the fireplace with a gas one
  • No wood to haul in and out

Gas Fireplace Maintenance

While there are advantages, a gas fireplace still needs to be well maintained. Because you are combining gas and fire, it needs to be checked routinely. You should have a yearly inspection done. When this happens, it is an excellent idea to cleaned too. The inspector will check for leaks and make sure the fireplace is venting correctly. At A Noble Sweep, we can provide the maintenance you need and make your fireplace glass cleaner at the same time. Contact us today and schedule your gas fireplace inspection.