There are some signs that your property will let you know that you need gas chimney repair. A damaged chimney of any sort is a fire hazard, and regular maintenance for all chimney types is recommended.

White Stains

This is known as efflorescence and is a result of brick or masonry getting wet and the salts coming to the surface when it dries. If the moisture problem does not get addressed, deterioration of the structure will occur.


If you see rust around your firebox or damper, you have a moisture issue. If the seal is not good or it does not open and close properly, there is a good chance rust is the issue. Moisture in a chimney can lead to issues such as cracked flue tiles, get it inspected as soon as possible.

Mortar Joints Look Loose

If there are damaged mortar joints between chimney masonry, this is an issue that should get handled quickly. The gaps can let in water and if a cold snap that freezes that water happens, the ice can damage the masonry even more.


If your fireplace begins showing you thin slices of tile appearing, this is usually due to a damaged flue, which is essential to a safely operating fireplace.


Spalling happens outside the chimney and is usually detected early because the sight of bits of masonry around the structure is alarming to most property owners.

To keep your fireplace and chimney in peak operating conditions, schedule a maintenance inspection and cleaning at least once a year and you should be able to avoid a surprise gas chimney repair by handling small issues before they become large problems. Our staff can clean and maintain your chimney and fireplace. Contact us today at (504) 688 – 4509.