Chimney Cleaning Services

Cleaning your chimney at least once a year enables you to enjoy maximum benefits when using your fireplace. A clean chimney effectively sucks out harmful gases from your fireplace while it is in use. But sometimes, homeowners forget to schedule chimney cleaning services within the year and can continue lighting up the fireplace without having it swept. Additionally, there are factors that can influence how often you should have your chimney cleaned.

Call Chimney Cleaning Services If You See These 3 Signs
The following issues can indicate that your chimney needs cleaning immediately:

1. Fire
A black tar-like substance forms in a chimney when smoke is trapped or does not escape entirely to the exterior space. Without regular chimney cleaning services, creosote can build up and cause chimney fires which can extend to burn sections of your house or an entire block.

2. Poorly Burning Fire
You can either experience difficulty lighting up your fireplace or have a poorly burning fire due to a blockage in your chimney. Fire needs oxygen to burn brightly. Grit, soot, and bird nests in the chimney hinder sufficient oxygen flow to the fire.

3. Smoke Fills the Room When You light Up the Fireplace
Build-up creosote can stop the airflow up the chimney and cause smoke and other gases to enter your interior space.

4. Soot Falls from the Chimney
If you see a black, carbonaceous substance falling on the fireplace, you know you need chimney cleaning services. A professional chimney sweep service can help remove soot and creosote from residential and commercial chimneys.

5. A Poorly Maintained and Clogged Chimney
Due to age and extreme climate, flues get damaged and occasionally need repair. A cracked flue can cause carbon monoxide to enter your home.

Whether you occasionally or frequently use your fireplace, you can tell by these signs when you need chimney cleaning services. Chimney experts at A Noble Sweep Chimney Services can make your fireplace function more efficiently by ensuring that smoke and other poisonous gasses get expelled to the exterior of your home.