Whether you have a wood-burning or gas fireplace, it will eventually require cleaning to keep it running as efficiently as possible. A Noble Sweep is proud to render professional fireplace and chimney cleaning that is both thorough in scope and competitively-priced.

How Do You Tell When It’s Time to Get Your Chimney Cleaned?

Creosote Deposits

Creosote is among the most common indicators that cleaning should be scheduled soon. This material is a natural byproduct of wood-burning fireplaces. If you notice that your home doesn’t smell as fresh as it usually would, check the chimney. When burning a fire for a while, you will notice soot deposits first. Creosote tends to build up on top of these layers of smoke residue.

Creosote rises through the chimney first as smoke before cooling on contact with surfaces and settling. The moisture content of burning wood also means this residue condenses into a pungent and flammable material on contact with cooler surfaces. Without regular cleaning, creosote can present a potential fire hazard.

Detecting Creosote Yourself

When inspecting your fireplace, make sure there is no downdraft from the chimney. If there is one, open a door or window on the same floor until the airflow moves upward or ceases. Use goggles and a disposable dust mask when inspecting your fireplace. Inspect the surface above the damper with a bright flashlight and a fireplace poker.

Birds or Animals

Another contributor to chimney odors or stains is the presence of birds or other animals living in your chimney. If the cap is damaged or non-existent, it is much easier for animals to get in. Many small animals attempt to nest and raise their young in chimneys. However, sometimes animals get trapped and cannot get out. If you notice unusual and unpleasant odors from your chimney, contact a professional for help with the inspection.


Is your chimney too smokey when you burn a fire? There may be a blockage somewhere that can be mitigated by cleaning. Please do not use your fireplace until it has been cleaned, as this can pose a fire hazard or affect your indoor air quality.

When Should You Get Your Chimney Inspected?

Typical fireplace and chimney inspections are performed on an annual basis, with cleaning occurring at roughly the same rate. While cleanup should be done as necessary, not every homeowner has the tools or availability required to do so. Cleanings more than once a year may be a necessity if your fireplace’s operator, fuel, or venting systems are not an ideal fit for your fireplace.

Whether you need fireplace and chimney cleaning services or are looking to install or upgrade parts for your fireplace, A Noble Sweet is ready to assist you. For more information about fireplace and chimney inspections or cleaning, contact our team by phone at (504) 688-4468 or email our team.