Fires destroy millions of dollars in the property each year, and many lives are lost. There are
many reasons for those fires, and chimney fires are one of those. Fireplace contractors
understand the risk. That is why A Noble Sweep offers fireplace cleaning services.

Creosote Can Cause Big Problems

One of the main factors in chimney fires is creosote buildup. Creosote is a brown or black
tar-like deposit. It is very combustible, and if allowed to buildup can cause a fire quickly.

Chimney Fires – Two Kinds

There are two main types of chimney fires, free burning and slow-burning. In a free
burning fire, the flames shoot out of the chimney and are very noticeable. The loud sound
it makes lets everyone around the home know something is wrong. A slow-burning fire is
extremely dangerous. It doesn't vent, so the fire slowly becomes very hot.

Staying Safe

You want to be able to enjoy your fireplace and keep your family safe. Maintaining your
fireplace can prevent fires. Regular cleaning removes creosote. You should have your
chimney inspected annually to catch small problems. Burning only dried out and seasoned
wood is also recommended. Fireplace contractors like A Noble Sweep provide
professional fireplace cleaning services . Contact us at (504) 612-8135 for more