The Advantages of Dustless Blasting

You may at some point have a restoration project that requires sandblasting. It’s a process that uses finely ground silica and sand by blasting it against debris like rust or paint that needs to be removed. The high-powered pressure makes the sand abrasive enough to remove the unwanted paint or rust, but it also causes other problems. Toxic materials are released into the atmosphere that can cause issues like silicosis, breathing problems, and lung cancer for those exposed to them. Sandblasting also has to be done in a protected area not only because of the toxins, but because it is a very dirty process that requires proper ventilation. That also drives the costs up and increases the time it takes to complete the work.

Now there’s dustless blasting, a process that is cleaner and safer. If you are looking for “dustless blasting near me,” these are some of the benefits you can expect to find.

  1. Dustless blasting is environmentally friendly – because dry ice and other non-chemical and non-hazardous materials are used in combination with less water, there is no risk of contaminating the work area with chemicals and dangerous dust.
  2. It’s cleaner –no excessive dust means easy cleanup and no need for a protected workspace.
  3. It’s portable and versatile –our blasters can be used on any surface and in any location because of their safety of operation and portability.
  4. It’s less expensive –set up and clean up at the site of the project are much easier so time spent completing the job is considerably less, which saves you money and time.
  5. Dry ice is made from carbon dioxide which emits no harmful chemicals into the air.

Companies including A Noble Sweep use dry ice as their material of choice but can guarantee that only non-toxic, safe materials will be used for your project.

If you have a boat, a vehicle, or some other item that needs restoration, contacts A Noble Sweep today for more information and to receive an estimate.