Top Rated Repair and Reflash Chimney Services

Besides keeping your living space smoke-free, a modern chimney adds an attractive look to your kitchen and keeps it clean. Repair and reflash chimney experts work to ensure the team replaces any flashing faults as necessary.

When to Call Repair and Reflash Chimney Experts
The easiest way to know that you need to consult a chimney technician is when you notice leaks in your vent. You can also seek vent technician advice and services if you notice:

1. Rotted roof sheathings
Rotted roof decking is a common issue in older homes. You need to call an expert to replace decaying roof sheathings because wood boards cannot hold nails or support the weight of shingles.

2. Expired metal flashings
Flashings last for a fixed length of time, and you need to replace them when the period expires.

3. Damaged or rusted chimney flashing
The materials used by manufacturers to make most metal flashings are sturdy and can last a long time, but these metals can rust or get damaged unexpectedly. Factors such as your environment, size of your roof, type of material used, and shape contribute to rusting or wear and tear.

4. Flashing is pulled away from the Chimney
Sometimes flashing may pull away because of the poor installation process if its sealant is low quality or exposed to a violent storm.

What Services Do Repair and Reflash Chimney Experts Offer?
Vent technicians ensure your chimney works more efficiently than when it has damaged flashings. Other services include:

1. Chimney Inspection
Reflash chimney services include inspection of the surroundings. A chimney repair expert will start by noting the surroundings around your vent pipe.

2. Debris and Dirt Removal
The chimney expert will clear the area around the vent and remove damaged or old flashing materials from the surrounding.

3. Reflash Works
A vent technician will replace damaged flashings and secure the metals correctly to the roof and chimney.

4. Waterproofing
Reflash chimney services include installing and repairing waterproofing membranes around the vent and up the walls.

You should schedule an annual chimney inspection by a professional vent expert to help determine if you need repairs or reflash chimney services.