Water damage is one of the first ways most property owners find out they need to reflash a chimney. The flashing protections the home and roof from moisture entering the area where the chimney meets the roof.

Reasons for the flashing needing repair can be many, including wear that causes the flashing to become tattered, loose, or damaged from storms, wind, and even animals chewing on it.  And no matter how the damage happens, the end result is almost always the same, water enters the home. Secondary issues from water damage can include deterioration of building materials and even mold, requiring expensive remediation.

Most flashing is a piece of sheet metal that fits around the chimney. It seals off the joint and keeps the elements out. This design works well, however the corners are susceptible to wear and specialty roofing can cause the metal to bend improperly or be cut incorrectly at the corners. Something as small as a tiny hole in this seal can cause problems.

While most flashing gets constructed from steel, there are various types of flashing used in roofing, including step flashing, apron flashing, and counter flashing.

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