There are different kinds of repairs both residential and commercially-used chimneys need from time to time, and that includes gas chimney repair

Minor damages to your chimney can get repairs using a technique known as spot cutting. It involves the removal and replacement of damaged bricks and limits the disruption to your structure as the entire chimney does not need replacement. 

If the damage to your chimney is so severe that spot cutting is not an option, rebuilding may be your only option. Common reasons for needing rebuilding are water damage, settling of the foundation causing irreparable cracking, lightning strikes and poor previous masonry work with inferior building materials. 

We can handle masonry repairs to fix cracks to the chimney structure. This is a very common repair as the chimney has got gases from your fireplace leaving through the interior while the exterior is getting exposed to wind, rain, ice, snow at the same time and this can wear down the integrity of the structure due to the constant expansion and contraction in reaction to the temperatures flowing through and around it.

If you need gas chimney repair or any type of assistance with your chimney in the Greater New Orleans area, contact A Noble Sweep Chimney Services. Our goal is to make your chimney cleaner, safer and more energy-efficient.