gas fireplace

Homeowners in need of gas fireplace installation contractors should know that the off-season is the best time to get their new fireplace implemented in their homes.

What benefits does a gas fireplace have for your home?

Warmth and comfort at the push of a button.

Gas fireplaces are significantly more convenient than purchasing seasoned logs, and the lack of potential creosote deposits in your fireplace from burning wood lowers your risk of a chimney fire. Many gas fireplaces even come with removes, timers, and fan systems to ensure that heat is used efficiently.

All the perks of a real fire

Ceramic refractory gas logs are designed to incorporate a fantastic sense of realism, including such touches as glowing embers and knots in the wood. The aesthetic variety is endless and allows for tons of added customization in your hearth.

Installation is easier than ever

A wood-burning fireplace installation requires taking many considerations into account to ensure safety and maximize heating efficiency. However, a prefabricated gas fireplace offers much more flexibility. You can even have a zero-clearance unit installed to minimize space between your fireplace and combustible items. Vent-free units mean you don’t even need a chimney to enjoy a cozy fireplace! Our professionals can help you find out more about the versatility of gas fireplaces.

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