dryer vent cleaning

Most of us do our daily chores like the laundry without thinking much about them. We put wet clothes into the dryer and take out soft warm dry ones about an hour later. That might seem like the end of the story but it can’t be. Out of the almost 16,000fires involving washers and dryers annually, 92 percent of those are caused by dryers. These fires cause at least a few hundred personal injuries and almost $240 million in damage. That’s why dryer vent cleaning in New Orleans is so important.

A dryer simply cannot operate without a vent. It provides the means by which the hot moist air is blown out of the drum and carried outside the house. Not all dryer fires are caused by clogged vents but 31 percent of them are attributed to it and the failure to perform routine maintenance.

The main three causes of dryer fires include:

  • incorrect use – overstuffing the drum and inserting items that are generally not suitable for dryers (foam, plastic, and rubber) create fire hazards.
  • electrical or mechanical failure –making repairs when indications of trouble arise can prevent fires.
  • dirty filters, vents, and ducts –lint, dirt, grass, and even bird and rodent nests can restrict the flow of air through the vent and pose a fire hazard.

There are some actions you can take to prevent a potential dyer fire.

  1. Ensure that the dryer was properly installed and plugged into an appropriate outlet.
  2. Clear the lint screen after each use and between cycles if the materials inside are producing a lot of lint.
  3. Set up a routine inspection schedule.
  4. Use the dryer correctly.
  5. Have the vents and ducts professionally cleaned? Trained technicians can be certain that there are no blockages and that all potentially combustible materials have been removed.

When the safety of your home is on the line, trust the trained professionals at A Noble Sweep Chimney Services to do the job right the first time. Visit our website to learn more about our dryer vent cleaning services in New Orleans and to schedule an appointment.