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Dustless Blasting Equipment: The Most Convenient Paint Stripping Tool for Surfaces

Any surface preparation can be hectic, mainly when they consist of old paint or coating. Dustless blasting equipment is a piece of timely paint-stripping machinery that requires less containment and can safely blast in an open environment even when other projects are in the vicinity. The equipment produces less dust hence less contamination but more visibility and safety for the working team.

 What Is Dustless Blasting 

Dustless blasting is a paint-stripping technique used on a wide range of surfaces. The procedure uses a blast tanker to mix water and an abrasive media to form a powerful agent that suppresses enormous amounts of dust from the work area as the machine picks pace, going at high speed.

How Dustless Blasting Equipment Works

Dustless blasting equipment consists of a wet dustless blasting system that runs on a CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) compressor. Experts recommend a minimum of 256 CFM, but there are bigger sizes with equally large nozzles that work at extremely high pressure.

The process requires the mixing of water and abrasives within a blast tank. The abrasive media can be recycled glass or garnet, whose combination with water helps suppress the dust as the machine’s power hits the surface.

The blasting technique has water producing more mass with little abrasive fine media, enabling an efficient shedding off any stubborn paint/coat substances.

Dustless Blasting Equipment Uses
There are several uses for dustless blasting equipment, including:

  • Removing graffiti: the equipment comes in handy, effortlessly removing any unsightly scrawl and drawings from your walls and surfaces.
  • Removing high-strength paint and coatings: dustless blasting equipment is especially useful in eliminating hardy coats found on industrial equipment and similar surfaces.
  • Removes corrosion. Rusty and corrosive surfaces wash off seamlessly when it comes to dustless blasting. The conventional sanding and grinding would take hours, but this technique takes minutes to blow away any signs of weathering.

Dustless blasting is all you need to help clean up old paintings and undesirable drawings on your surface. The system is quicker and more efficient than scraping or sanding.
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