Graffiti Removal

The history of graffiti in America dates back to Philadelphia in the late 1960s when anonymous artists used this craft to make political statements or mark gang zones. Today, the scourge of graffiti art continues to vex many cities worldwide. In Greater New Orleans, the local authorities can charge property owners for failing to remove graffiti within 30 days. A Noble Chimney Sweep, one of the leading clean-up services, offers 24/7 eco-friendly dustless blasting graffiti removal at a minimal cost.

What Makes Dustless Graffiti Removal Unique?
Consumes less abrasive-This method combines water and abrasive to produce more mass and force in the graffiti removal process, which is why you can speed up your production time.

No Downtime-Because dry ice blasting graffiti removal suppresses sparks and static electricity. You can remove aerosol paint on live pipelines without shutting down the facility.

No warping-The dry ice used in dustless blasting to remove aerosol paint helps keep metal surfaces about 10 degrees cooler than room temperature. This process prevents the surface heat produced by friction which means no warping.
Is Dustless Blasting Graffiti Removal Good?
Yes. Many property owners choose dry ice blasting as the better method to clean graffiti and spray paints because:

Blast better-Dry ice blasting is not messy and leaves no harmful chemicals or dust. It is an environmentally safe method of removing graffiti approved by many local authorities internationally.

Fast turnaround-dustless blasting graffiti removal removes the unsightly coating from your surface in one step, leaving your wall or spot paint ready.

Blast different surfaces- Clean-up companies, such as A Noble Chimney Sweep, offer dustless blasting graffiti removal services to remove aerosol paint from walls, streets, cars, boats, and other paintable spots.

Affordability-Because dry ice blasting experts complete your job quickly and leave no mess behind, you can save money on clean-up costs. Unlike sandblasting, which requires containment, this method is safe to blast in open environments with people nearby.

A Noble Chimney Sweep provides dustless blasting graffiti removal services in private and public places within the Greater New Orleans area. You can rely on our expertise and the safety of your property because we carry a valid home improvement contractor’s license and worker’s compensation liability insurance.