wood stove in fireplace

Installing gas logs in your home creates a lovely, cozy atmosphere. They are also easy to install. Anyone with even the most basic DIY skills can do it. The tricky part is finding the right company to do the job for you. There are so many different gas log installation companies out there, and it can be confusing to determine which one is best for you.
To help you choose wisely, we have put together some helpful tips for choosing the best gas logs installation company.
1. Vent Types
When it comes to gas log installation, you can either have systems with a vent or those without. Vented log sets need a functional wood fireplace. This works with a chimney for letting out heat, smoke, and exhaust. A vent-free set needs a specific fireplace with a blue flame. You need to follow the building code for your locality. Some cities do not allow the use of vent-free systems.
2. The Fuel Type of Your Gas Log Installation Matters
Gas logs use propane or natural gas as a source of fuel. Is your home connected to a natural gas line? If not, you can choose other fuel types.
3. Gas Log Size
How large is your fireplace? Overly large logs can lead to overheating and may destroy your firebox and gas valves. Get specific measurements and talk to the manufacturer of the product of your choice.
4. Flame control
You can light the pilot by reaching into the fireplace to turn on the control knob. Some valves use a remote control that allows you to switch the pilot on or off without making contact with the fireplace.
One of the advantages of choosing the expert-recommended gas log installation plan is the freedom to set the mood in your home without danger or damage. This is why these tips will help you in your decision-making. If you are looking for a fireplace or gas log set in New Orleans, “A Noble Sweep” can help you find the best solutions possible.