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Whether you are a shipyard owner or a private boat owner, dustless blasting marine paint removal is an essential part of keeping your vessel in good condition. One common technique used for effective and efficient paint removal is dustless blasting.
Dustless blasting is a process that utilizes pressurized water mixed with media particles to remove layers of paint from the surface of your vessel. This article covers special considerations that you need to know when doing dustless blasting marine paint removal.
Let’s jump into it:

  • Surface Preparation

Before dustless blasting on your vessel, performing adequate surface preparation is essential. That involves removing any large pieces of debris or crusted-on materials that could clog the blast nozzle and interfere with the results.
Additionally, remove all the existing coatings before beginning dustless blasting. The old coating typically interferes with the new one once applied. It may also be necessary to use a specialized degreaser to remove oil or other contaminants from the surface before blasting.

  • Protective Gear for Dustless Blasting Marine Paint Removal

Dustless blasting for marine paint removal produces dangerously high noise and particulate matter that can be hazardous when inhaled or comes into contact with skin, eyes, or ears.
Therefore, wear proper protective gear while operating the blaster and during cleanup after completing the job. Personal protective equipment involves eyewear, ear plugs or muffs, respirators/masks, face shields, coveralls, gloves, and safety boots designed for wet environments.

  • Type of Blasting Media

The type of blasting media used in dustless blasting affects the effectiveness of marine paint removal. Different types of media produce different results depending on their size and hardness.
When choosing a blasting media for your project, consult an expert to help you determine which type would work best, given your specific needs and requirements.

Fastest, Easiest Way to Remove Marine Paint
Dustless blasting marine paint removal is a revolutionary way to remove paint from your boat. It’s fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Dustless Blasting is the answer if you’re looking for a quick and easy method to remove paint from your boat. Give us a call today; we will be happy to help.