Chimney services

A chimney is a vertical pipe or architectural ventilation structure made of brick or metal incorporated into a building and works to exhaust smoke and combustion gases up from the furnace through the roof of a building and to generate airflow into the fireplace. Here are three issues that can cause your chimney not to function as it should and how our chimney repairs New Orleans experts can help fix these problems.

Chimney Cap Issues
Sometimes, chimney caps develop issues because of the poor initial installation process, the elements, wear and tear, or a wrong-sized cap. These problems can cause animals and rainwater to slip through your chimney, blocking the flue and creating a back draft.

Solution. Our commercial chimney repair experts clean and unblock your flues and ensure that you get a high-quality right cap size for your chimney. At A Noble Sweep Chimney Services, our technicians use different mounting styles for individual projects to suit every need.

Cracked Crown
A chimney crown provides a weather seal that prevents water and snow from damaging the masonry. When this layer of mortar cracks, water permeates the bricks, causing severe damage to your chimney.

Solution. Our chimney experts examine the extent of the damage and can recommend a full chimney rebuild or repair. With repair, the technicians clean the existing crown before patching the cracks with a new layer of quality mortar to create a weatherproof seal with a downward slope to the edges of your chimney.

Mortar Falls Out: Chimney Repairs New Orleans
High temperatures in your chimney and extreme weather can damage brick walls. Chunks of mortar can fall out of your chimney, leaving gaps and cracks.

Solution. Our chimney expert identifies the damaged areas and removes all the old mortar with a chisel. Before filling the gaps with new mortar, the technician will brush out the loose chunks of mortar for better results.

Installing a chimney and fireplace can be challenging if you are not conversant with masonry or are afraid of heights. However, you can get help with your project from leading chimney repairs in New Orleans experts from A Noble Sweep Chimney Services.